Technical Series Report

Pulmonary Tuberculosis Dr. P.S. Shanker (Mumbai)
Malaria Dr. N. P. Mishra (Bhopal)
HIV and Aids Dr. T. N. Mehrotra (Meerut)
Poisoning in India Dr. F. D. Dastur (Mumbai)
Low Body Weight Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Niddm) Dr. Sidhartha Das (Cuttack)
Rheumatoid Arthiritis Dr. Siddarth Kumar Das (Lucknow)
Role  of  yogic  Practise in Maintenance  Health Dr. B. K. Sahay (Hyderabad)
Thalessemias Dr. P.C. Bhattacharyya (Guwahati)
Hypertension in Elderly Dr. Sandhya Kamath (Mumbai)
Meningitis (Non-Tubercular) Dr. Maj. Gen. S. Venkataraman (Delhi)
Post Graduate Medical Education Dr. Rita Sood (Delhi)
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