Eligibility criteria for ICP Fellowship

Indian College of Physicians


Eligibility Criteria for the Award of Fellowship of Indian College of Physicians
  1. Minimum experience of 10 years after Post Graduation.
  2. Continuous membership of the Association of Physicians of India for not less than 5 yrs.
  3. Should have made a significant contribution to research / teaching / development in the field of medicine.
  4. Should have contributed to API by way of scientific or Organizational works.

To make the selection objective, a point system has been followed in assessing the suitability of the applications.

The Criteria used by the Credentials Committee for the award of fellowship are:

  1. Qualification
  2. Experience in Medical Profession
  3. Publications
  4. Honours / Awards
  5. Research work
  6. Contribution to API
  7. CME & Conference (API/ICP)
  8. Social welfare/ community service

The Fellowship form should be proposed and seconded by Founder Fellow / Fellow of ICP only.

  • The Proposer / Seconder should not propose / second more than 3 nominees for award of ICP in a particular year.
  • It is responsibility of the Nominee / applicant to get the proposal completed by the proposer and seconder along with the citation.
  • API Membership No. of the proposer / seconder should be entered by the proposer / seconder themselves.
  • The proposer should satisfy the requirements for proposal as under:-
  • The Nominee is a life member of API
  • The Nominee has completed 10 years after post-graduation
  • The Nominee should read the Form carefully before filling the columns, to project their achievements appropriately.
  • The Nominee should list their achievements in appropriate columns.
  • Proof of qualifications, publications, honours, awards, must be submitted as supporting data. The supporting data should be numbered para wise (eg 1., 2., 3. , etc), For more than one supporting documents, the numbering should be in alphabets (eg 1 (a), (b), (c), etc).
  • No hand written applications will be accepted.
  • One original and seven Xerox copies to be submitted
  • Last date for receiving application form is 31st May of the year
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