Monographs 2017

1. Practical Pearls In Diabetes Dr. Vijay Viswanatha / Prakash Govindasamy
2. Critical Care Medicine Dr.Mayur Patel
3. Lipidology in Clinical Practice Dr.S. N. Narasingan
4. C O P D – Indian Perspective Dr.Vitull K. Gupta
5. Headache Dr.Anup K. Bhattacharya / Ashis Saha
6. Common Hematological Disease in India Dr.Sudhir Mehta / Upendra Sharma
7. Infectious Diseases – Fever Managament Protocolos Dr.Jayanta K. Panda
8. Diabetic Dyslipidemia Dr.Banshi Saboo
9. Clinical Approach to Respiratory Diseases Dr.Devendra P. Singh
10. Anemia Dr.Rajasekar Ramanathan
11. Vertigo and Syncope Dr.Lakshmi Narasimhan Ranganathan
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