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Topic: OSCE
Speaker: Dr MA Jalil Chowdhury, Bangladesh
Second Speaker: Prof Namal Wijesinghe, Sri Lanka
Conveners: Prof Jyotirmoy Pal,
Prof Nandini Chatterjee
Date: 27th May, 2023

Short Certificate Courses conducted in 2023

1. Obesity: Dr Prakash Keswani
2. Fever: Dr Anupam Prakash
3. ABG: Dr Rakesh Bhadade 
4. Neuroimaging: Dr Aminur Rehman, Bangladesh 
5. Art of Publication : Dr Nandini Chatterjee 
6. Allergen Immunotherapy: Shambo S Samajdar 
7. Diabetes Educator Course: Dr Robin Maskey, Nepal  
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    The Indian College of Physicians (ICP) was started under the auspices of A.P.I. with effect from 1986 and the   first convocation of the ICP was held in January 1987.

    This academic wing of the Association of Physicians of India is dedicated to the promotion of Continuing Medical Education Programs and scientific research activities relevant to the Indian Subcontinent. The ultimate goal is to elevate the realms of evidence-based knowledge and standard of care in clinical domains.

    The fellowships of the college are conferred upon physicians who have excelled in their respective fields. This year we are also awarding honorary fellowships to four renowned international dignitaries.

    I congratulate all the fellows who have been newly inducted into the Indian College of Physicians and wish them the   best in their future academic pursuit.

    Jyotirmoy Pal

    DEAN 2023

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